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Razan's Therapeutic Services



Attitudinal Healing

Posted on April 22, 2017 at 4:30 PM

Attitudinal Healing 

"Attitudinal Healing is based on the principle that it is not other people or situations that cause us distress. Rather, it is our own thoughts and attitudes that are responsible for our distress, and the actions we take as a result of those thoughts and attitudes can hurt us. Healing results when we concentrate on changing our own attitudes rather than trying to change the attitudes of others. Thus, the goal of Attitudinal Healing is self-healing in the face of each life challenge.

Attitudinal Healing is not just adjusting or adapting our attitudes; rather, it is consciously choosing to let go of our fearful attitudes. The goal is not to change behavior, but to retrain the most powerful instrument of change we possess, our own mind.

Questions to ask ourselves

Is there another way of looking at the world that changes our experience of life?

Is it possible to choose to let go of fear and conflict completely?

Is it possible to heal our painful thoughts and attitudes about the past and to bring peace to ourselves and others?

Is it possible to forgive everyone who we think has hurt us, and to forgive ourselves for our mistakes and for the shame we feel about the past?

Can we truly know peace and happiness while living in a world that seems so chaotic and crazy?

Can we remove all our self-imposed blocks to love and come to know and trust in who we really are?

Can we simplify our lives by recognizing that there are only two emotions - love and fear?

Attitudinal Healing answers all these questions with an unqualified and enthusiastic Yes.

Categories: Self Awareness

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